iWatch, uWatch, We all Want the Apple Watch?

Who Mocked it Better? Francisx2 blog post from October 2014, Colbert from September 10,2014

Who Mocked it Better? Francisx2 blog post from October 2013, Colbert from September 10,2014

To be clear, WE ALL WANT the new Apple Watch, or do we? So who mocked it better? In terms of  “mocking” as in “ha, ha,”  hands down Colbert’s wins. But back in O’13 we did create our own mock up of the device. While we can’t compete with Colbert’s comedic timing, his writers messaging, and large captive audience, maybe his prop master could have consulted us to make a more elegant looking contraption to poke fun of the Apple Watch. Continue reading

The iWatch Is Here!

iPad Watch

iPad Watch. iOS wearables are here.

We can’t say where we got it from, but we got to try out a prototype of the new iPad watch. It’s as slim and beautiful as the New iPad with Retina Display, but now attaches to your wrist. What’s great about it is it has all the functionality of an iPad. No dumbed down OS. No syncing with any another device to work. And the battery life is just a good as the current iPad models. Just slip it on and go!