Panek Room

Actually, it’s the Panek Residence in the posh neighborhood of the Ridges in Summerlin – for those of you not in the know, it’s like Vegas’s, dare we say “Beverly Hills.” (Ok, we said it)

Our good friend Melinda at Vegas Seven knew our soft spot for interesting architecture, as such, she assigned us to photograph the Panek home for the magazine.

Interior by Eloisa Escobedo

Architect Marc Lemoine saw fit not to follow the Spanish-Mediterranean Revival that’s been regurgitated throughout the valley, and came up with a more post-modern modernistic style, that is a bit flamboyant with its proportions yet starkly minimalist in its execution.  Yes, it is quite different than what the valley offers, and it’s refreshing to see. Hopefully some of the design aesthetics will one day trickle down to the rest of valley, (along with solar panel roof tops to power our Tesla Roadsters or Nissan Leafs, for those of us on the other side of the tracks).

Read the article in the July 19th edition of Seven Magazine.