Wet Republic’s Bikini Battle Royale


Francis George Bikini Battle Royale Interview

Like clockwork, the cycle of life has once again thrusted summer upon us. As does the caterpillar, shedding it’s cocoon to transform itself into a delicate butterfly, the lovely ladies of Wet Republic have shed their harsh wintery garb for more appropriate warm weather attire.


With this extraordinary evolutionary process, survival is only achieved with a healthy dose of competition. That is how Wet Republic’s Hot 100 Bikini Battle Royale was borne, a contest of will, and of course “who wore it best!”

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Watch the video above as the adventure unfolds in the making of Wet Republic’s Hot 100 Bikini Battle Royale promotions. The project was led by Hakkasan Group’s creative director, Jessie Angles, and art director/retoucher, Danny Martinez. Then check out the final images below.


Wet Republic Promo Shoot for Hot 100 Bikini Battle Royale. Photography by Francis George and Francis Baytan. Hakkasan Group Creative Direction by Jessie Angles; Art Direction and Retouching By Danny Martinez; Steve “The Hammer” Alzate, Wet Republic Marketing Manager; Make-Up and Hair by Zee Clemente, Spencer Lopes and Stephanie Aguilar; Unico Clemente photo assist.