Oh, Why So Sinuous?

Oh, why so Sinuous? Silver Woman slithers into her final appearance for MJ Christensen Diamonds.

Our client, MJ Christensen, has commissioned the last image of Silver Woman for their latest ad campaign. She has lasted over 3 years, each with a new pose, the fourth year being no different. Pictured above is latest iteration of Silver Lady, in all her sinuous glory. The Silver Lady series have served to strengthen MJ Christensen’s brand as a premier Diamond and Jewelry retailer.

Here are the other images from the campaign. It was important for the client that we maintained a consistent look throughout, so there was a lot of digging up archives each time a new image was requested. Also keeping presets in Capture One and saving your PSD files are very helpful.

The glittery paint was the base, but eventually we wanted something more shimmery and refined.

Sleek and Elegant, a reflection of the jewelry

Third image with a fistful of diamonds, or more correctly, palmful.