Shoe and Chair Fetish

Panton in Louboutin

Panton in Louboutin

Our creative collaborator, Mami Awamura, called us with a proposition. No, not that kind, but one that got us all confused. Again, not that kind. She pitched us the idea of chairs wearing shoes. The first thought that came to mind was that of a Lazyboy with a pair the old laced up shoes in the closet, which doesn’t really look all that appealing. So we prodded her for more information. We were still not quite sure what she had in mind, but we were already in the studio with a bunch of shoes and chairs. Continue reading

La Voleuse

Cat Burglar

Example of an updated Roman Photo

We’re bringing the sexy back with “Roman Photo,” an entertainment staple pre-television in France. Check out our photographic exercise in this vintage medium.

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A Giant Takes Over the Vegas Strip!

Gentle Giant by Francis and Francis Photography

Karmay towers over the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue

As a photographer/compositor duo, we always look for ways to flex our creative muscles. One of the ideas we had was that of a gentle giant roaming the Vegas strip. Within a Continue reading