After quite a few years of photographing the notorious duo, Penn & Teller, we always take the assignment with the same excitement and the sentiment that it is going to be unusual and unexpected. With the right chemistry, artists do wonders and they both delivered a performance to remember. Continue reading

iWatch, uWatch, We all Want the Apple Watch?

Who Mocked it Better? Francisx2 blog post from October 2014, Colbert from September 10,2014

Who Mocked it Better? Francisx2 blog post from October 2013, Colbert from September 10,2014

To be clear, WE ALL WANT the new Apple Watch, or do we? So who mocked it better? In terms of  “mocking” as in “ha, ha,”  hands down Colbert’s wins. But back in O’13 we did create our own mock up of the device. While we can’t compete with Colbert’s comedic timing, his writers messaging, and large captive audience, maybe his prop master could have consulted us to make a more elegant looking contraption to poke fun of the Apple Watch. Continue reading

Staring at the Sky

We were commissioned to photograph the Stratosphere, the tallest structure in Las Vegas, along with all of it’s associated properties. Further, the client requested an unencumbered edge to edge view of the property’s ground level structures, which span almost a full city block, with an even more challenging caveat of minimal distortion. Continue reading

Scorching Sexy Summer Shoot! (Video)

“No pain no gain” was the mantra of the day. With the temperature well over the century mark by at least a dozen degrees, the latest FX2 editorial shoot was a scorcher. Failed iPads, a burnt model and twerking pool guests made for a challenging day, but we persevered to give you our latest work…

The above video only makes it look like fun. If you haven’t already, check out the entire spread here.

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A Wrap Bigger than a Chipotle Burrito!

Vegas is not known for being quaint. So when you gotta get your message out there, the bigger, the better. Take for example the iconic Penn & Teller building wrap, which has graced one side of the Rio for well over a decade. Penn & Teller’s creative team, along with Caesars Entertainment reached out to us to help continue the tradition of getting these seriously funny guys’ mugs right in the faces of everyone coming in and out of Vegas. The duo tower over of the Vegas skyline like giant sentinels with watchful eyes and a smirk.

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The iWatch Is Here!

iPad Watch

iPad Watch. iOS wearables are here.

We can’t say where we got it from, but we got to try out a prototype of the new iPad watch. It’s as slim and beautiful as the New iPad with Retina Display, but now attaches to your wrist. What’s great about it is it has all the functionality of an iPad. No dumbed down OS. No syncing with any another device to work. And the battery life is just a good as the current iPad models. Just slip it on and go!


Rekindling the Vegas Heat

Swimsuit fashion at Daylight pool, Mandalay Bay. Photo by FrancisX2

Vegas Rated Cover shot by Francis George and Francis Baytan

Well the Vegas heat is almost behind us. Another scorching summer will become just a distant memory, but if you need a reminder of how hot it was this summer may we remind you of our swimsuit shoot at Daylight Beach Club gracing the July issue of Vegas Rated?

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Hacking Hakkasan – from Editorial to Advertising

Hakkasan main dining.

Hakkasan Las Vegas main dining room.

Our Hakkasan images crosses over from editorial to advertising. The photos of the new Las Vegas Mega Nightclub and Restaurant were originally shot for editorial, but our client decided to use them for advertising, as well. We’d like to give credit where credit is due.  As happy we are with the final results it did not hurt that the Paris-based design firm “Gilles & Boissier” created a unique interior architecture.

Producing images that read clearly in any media is one thing, however, the extreme darkness and limited color palette made it a bit more challenging.  See more images after the break.

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