Wet Republic’s Bikini Battle Royale


Francis George Bikini Battle Royale Interview

Like clockwork, the cycle of life has once again thrusted summer upon us. As does the caterpillar, shedding it’s cocoon to transform itself into a delicate butterfly, the lovely ladies of Wet Republic have shed their harsh wintery garb for more appropriate warm weather attire. Continue reading

Staring at the Sky

We were commissioned to photograph the Stratosphere, the tallest structure in Las Vegas, along with all of it’s associated properties. Further, the client requested an unencumbered edge to edge view of the property’s ground level structures, which span almost a full city block, with an even more challenging caveat of minimal distortion. Continue reading

Good As Gold !


unsanctioned celebratory kiss

unsanctioned celebratory kiss

At the risk of sounding like we’re tooting our own horn, we’d like to announce that we  just landed some gold of our own, a Gold Addy award from the American Advertising Federation in the category of digitally enhanced photography, to be exact. Continue reading

A Wrap Bigger than a Chipotle Burrito!

Vegas is not known for being quaint. So when you gotta get your message out there, the bigger, the better. Take for example the iconic Penn & Teller building wrap, which has graced one side of the Rio for well over a decade. Penn & Teller’s creative team, along with Caesars Entertainment reached out to us to help continue the tradition of getting these seriously funny guys’ mugs right in the faces of everyone coming in and out of Vegas. The duo tower over of the Vegas skyline like giant sentinels with watchful eyes and a smirk.

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Hacking Hakkasan – from Editorial to Advertising

Hakkasan main dining.

Hakkasan Las Vegas main dining room.

Our Hakkasan images crosses over from editorial to advertising. The photos of the new Las Vegas Mega Nightclub and Restaurant were originally shot for editorial, but our client decided to use them for advertising, as well. We’d like to give credit where credit is due.  As happy we are with the final results it did not hurt that the Paris-based design firm “Gilles & Boissier” created a unique interior architecture.

Producing images that read clearly in any media is one thing, however, the extreme darkness and limited color palette made it a bit more challenging.  See more images after the break.

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Shoe and Chair Fetish

Panton in Louboutin

Panton in Louboutin

Our creative collaborator, Mami Awamura, called us with a proposition. No, not that kind, but one that got us all confused. Again, not that kind. She pitched us the idea of chairs wearing shoes. The first thought that came to mind was that of a Lazyboy with a pair the old laced up shoes in the closet, which doesn’t really look all that appealing. So we prodded her for more information. We were still not quite sure what she had in mind, but we were already in the studio with a bunch of shoes and chairs. Continue reading

La Voleuse

Cat Burglar

Example of an updated Roman Photo

We’re bringing the sexy back with “Roman Photo,” an entertainment staple pre-television in France. Check out our photographic exercise in this vintage medium.

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Oh, Why So Sinuous?

Oh, why so Sinuous? Silver Woman slithers into her final appearance for MJ Christensen Diamonds.

Our client, MJ Christensen, has commissioned the last image of Silver Woman for their latest ad campaign. She has lasted over 3 years, each with a new pose, the fourth year being no different. Pictured above is latest iteration of Silver Lady, in all her sinuous glory. The Silver Lady series have served to strengthen MJ Christensen’s brand as a premier Diamond and Jewelry retailer.

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People are People

Except when they are animals. Our people site is now up. The site consists of 4 galleries. You’ll find mostly people here, but you may come upon beasts acting as humans, so technically, they could be considered “people.” Exciting times here at FX2, this is our second site to be launched in a week, which is definitely plenty for now. Now it’s time to get back to work. Don’t for get to visit our Architectural site, too!